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Home Additions Albuquerque


Home additions are a great way to add the extra space to your home without the hassle of buying a new home.  Some popular home additions in Albuquerque include two story extensions, garage conversions, sun room additions, and single room additions. 


Wild Wood Remodeling specializes in home additions for Albuquerque and we consider ourselves the most competitive home addition builders in Albuquerque.  Our home addition designers can design home additions of every type and style and we pride ourselves in the outstanding word of mouth from clients who we've serviced with home additions.


To see before-and-after pictures with sample space plans for every type of home addition, please select which type of home addition you're interested in:


Multiple Room Additions

Single Room Additions

Decks, Porches and Garage Additions


This is how it will work:

  1. Our estimator has been in the business of home additions for over twenty years and is a top professional.  He will visit you at the home property and do a walk through of the home with you.  He'll then recommend the best location for your home addition based on what you want, and will get architectural plans drawn up by a certified architect if you don't have these already.  He'll also discuss the design and layout with you and will discuss ideas with you until you have an agreement on exactly what you want.
  2. The sequence of actions and the project timeline will be discussed with you to work out the best way to go about the project with minimal disturbance to you and your family.
  3. You'll then receive a detailed quote on the work and materials involved and an agreement will be finalized.
  4. A project timeline will be worked out and finalized between you and the Project Manager, who will be overseeing the home addition throughout the job to ensure everything is done standardly and per the agreed timeline.  You'll have a direct line to the Project Manager at all times to answer any questions or changes you may have.


Home Extension Tips


Purpose for building a home addition

Some people have always wanted an extra guest room, a bigger family room, a more light-filled kitchen, or just some extra space.  Home additions are a great way to expand your home without the necessity of moving to a new location. 


Location of your home addition

How do you know which side of the house to add onto?  This depends on the current location on the rooms in your home, and it also depends on what type of space you'd like to add.  The most important thing to think with is that you don't want to split a room in two with the purpose of starting a new home addition.  It's best to have a home addition start at the end of an exisiting room, so as to not take away from the space you already have.


Cost of a home addition

The cost of a home addition greatly varies depending on the type and size you want.  Our estimator will go over the costs with you to help you choose the style and size that works best with your budget.  We can build glamourous home additions that can up to double the size of your house, or we can do a simple room.  It's totally up to you.




Contact us for a free quote at 505 991 1403 or email the Production Manager at info@wildwoodremodeling.com





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