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Types of Home Additions

Home Additions are the best way to add extra space to your home without having to sell your house and buy a bigger one.  There are many types of home additions and these are listed below with a description of each type:


Two Story Extensions - Two Story Extensions are designed to enlarge a home which has enough height, but could use some extra length or width. A two-story extension can be built on any side of the house, and the rooms inside a two-story extension depend on the size of the extension as well as the customer’s desires.


Second Story Extensions - Second Story Extensions are for homes with one level that would like to add a second story to their home.  The entire roof is removed from the home and the second story extension is added on, followed by the roofing installation as well as the repair of HVAC, air, electrical, and anything else that had to be removed to put the extension in place.  The rooms for a second story extension vary by home and by customer desire.


In-law Additions - In-law home additions are built onto any side of your home, and are usually built to include a kitchenette, living room, master bedroom, closets and a bathroom.  These additions are not just one room being added to your house - they typically are meant for those who would like to up to double the size of their current home to accommodate an additional person(s).


Kitchen Extension Addition - Is your Kitchen too small? Kitchen Additions can add around 200 additional square feet to your kitchen, or any exterior wall of your exisiting home to function as a Room Addition.  The existing roofing and siding will be matched to your existing home and a kitchen extension addition will be built on the exterior wall where your existing kitchen resides on a crawl space foundation.


Bedroom Additions - A bedroom addition "home extension" will be built onto an exterior wall of your choice with a crawl space foundation. Roofing and Siding will be matched to your existing house.


Bathroom Additions - The existing roofing and siding will be matched to your current home and a bathroom addition will be built on the exterior wall of your choice with a crawl space foundation.


Family Room Addition - The existing roofing and siding will be matched to your current home and a family room addition will be built off an existing exterior wall of your choice, crawl space foundation.


Sunroom Additions - Sunrooms are large and spacious and typically look great no matter where you put it. A  sunroom addition can also be a Large Family Room.  The existing roofing and siding will be matched to your current home and a sunroom addition will be built off an existing exterior wall of your choice with a crawl space foundation.


Dormer Addition - Add space by adding a front or rear dormer addition. Dormer Additions are designed to give your home’s second or third floor more space and flexibility.
Adding a front dormer will certainly give your home great curb appeal, but it will also allow more light into your home, and increase the air circulation on the second or third floor.
The existing roof will be cut in the section(s) where the dormer or dormers will be constructed. A dormer will then be framed to your custom specifications.


Front Porch Addition - A porch addition will enhance your curb appeal as well as entertaining possibilities.  Porch Additions are generally built onto the front of the home, however they are also able to be added to the rear of the home.


Garage Additions (1-3 Car Plans) -  A Garage Addition can be built as an addition onto your home which is attached to the side of your home, or it can be built as a detached Garage Addition.  Garage Additions can be built to accommodate between one and three cars.  The roof and sides will be built to match your home roof and walls.


Garage Conversion - Convert your existing garage into a room with a garage conversion.  Removal of existing garage door, installation of trim, drywall, flooring, interior door, siding, windows, and paint.


Bonus Room Above Garage Additions - Building a Room Over your Garage can be the ticket to a larger home.  Existing garage roof will be removed and a master suite will be built above the garage.


Deck Additions - Add a spacious 16-by-20-foot deck using pressure-treated lumber.
Pressure-treated joists supported by 4x4 posts anchored to concrete piers. Pressure-treated deck boards installed in a simple linear pattern. A built-in bench and planter of the same decking material adds style and comfort to this deck package. Stairs included, assuming three steps to grade. Also included is a complete white vinyl railing system.  Deck Additions can be completely personalized and the above is a sample of a typical deck addition.


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